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Global and Domestic Sales

We plan and promote new products
Increase leadership and brand value in global markets.

Global Sales
We sell our products to customer's all over the world, analyze sales data, and formulate sales and mid- to long-term sales strategies.

Domestic Sales
We plan and execute product sales and sales activity strategies for new domestic and reseller customer's.

Design & R&D

We carry out design and R&D on product performance and aesthetics according to customer's needs.

We analyze customer's requirements, establish design concepts, visualize and productize

Materials / materials and process research and development make up a portfolio of innovative technologies and products.

Management and Planning

We work to support management's future-oriented decision making.

Financial accounting related to general accounting, settlement of accounts, tax accounting, management accounting related to budget and investment management, cost allocation, objectives and performance management, We work on fund planning and operation and foreign exchange management.

Stable purchase of raw and subsidiary materials with excellent quality and supply competitiveness contributes to supply and demand stability, cost reduction, and productivity improvement.

Human Resource
We establish HR and operation strategies linked to mid- and long-term management strategies and oversees \ HRM / HRD including promotion, recruitment, education, evaluation, and compensation.

General Affairs
We maximize the company's asset value through facility investment, construction support, and maintenance, and communicate with employees and support smooth management activities.

We carry out tasks to create and maintain a safe working environment by managing site safety-related planning and education, and managing environmental hazards and preventing accidents.

Manufacture & Support

We work to improve productivity from product production to quality.

We directly operate and manage the entire production process.

Product management
We design and efficiently manage our product supply chain to contribute to our profit generation.

Manufacture Management
We establish the optimal production plan by grasping the production demand according to the demand forecast and business order.

Materials Management
We support smooth production by securing raw and subsidiary materials in a timely manner.

We establish quality standards and realize customer's quality satisfaction through continuous quality monitoring of raw and subsidiary materials and products.

We contribute to productivity by performing technical improvement and maintenance for efficient operation of production facilities.