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CEO Greetings

SHINHO INDUSTRY was founded in October 2000. It is equipped with a calender line/laminator embossing line/gravure printing line/ surface treatment coating line/PET extrusion T-die line/LVS flooring sheet line, and produces and exports PVC/PP/PET film, PVC/PP/GAG PET decoration film, and PVC foam sheet flooring product.

As a leading company in the plastic sheet and film manufacturing industry, SHINHO INDUSTRY is equipped with the largest calender line facilities in Korea as well as various decoration sheet manufacturing facilities and pursues eco-friendly and excellent quality control through consistent research and development using advanced equipment. Also, SHINHO INDUSTRY is attracting customers in European, North American, and Japanese markets as well as in the Korean market, developing, producing, and supplying novel and practical products in all aspects from product functions, properties, and to design.

IVP system (Integrated Vertical Production System)

SHINHO INDUSTRY has a calender line to produce clear wear layer sheets, pigmented sheets for printing, and middle-balance sheets that are used for LVT tiles, decoration sheets, and flooring sheets. And it has a Intergrated Vertical Production System such as a gravure printing line, foam laminating line, pearl coater line, laminating line, GAG PET extrusion T-die line, and surface coating equipment for the finished products of decoration sheet and flooring foam sheet. From semi-finished products to finished products, we have the optimal production facilities for intergrated vertical production with a strict quality control system for the best quality to meet the various needs of customers in a timely manner.

History of Shinho Industry Corporation.

  • 2000-2005

    • 2000.10.13Established SHINHO INDUSTRY
    • 2002.12.09Completed the construction of the headquarters factory
    • 2003.01.28• Registered the headquarters factory
      • Installation and operation of HC-unit 1 and 2
    • 2003.04.16Registered for trade business(Korea International Trade Association)
    • 2004.02.29Installation and operation of HC-unit 3
  • 2006-2011

    • 2006.08.01Installation and operation of HC-unit 6
    • 2007.07.01Installation and operation of HC-unit 7
    • 2008.07.01• Established Hwaseong branch
      • Installation and operation of L-unit 1 and 2,
      P-unit 1 and 2 of Decoration Sheet manufacturing facility in Hwaseong factory
    • 2010.04.12Installation and operation of HL-unit 3
    • 2011.01.20Installation and operation of HUV
  • 2012-2016

    • 2012.10.01• Transferred facilities from Hwaseong to the headquarters factory
      • Installation and operation of HL-unit 1 and 2, Hp-unit 1 and 2
    • 2014.01.23Installation and operation of HPU-unit 1
    • 2014.03.31Installation and operation of HL-unit 5
    • 2015.10.23Installation and operation of HC-unit 8
    • 2016.07.04Completed the construction of Yedang factory 1
    • 2016.07.08Installation and operation of YC-unit 1 and 2,
      YP-unit 1 and 2, and YL-unit 1 and 2
  • 2017-2020

    • 2017.05.18Completed the construction of Yedang factory 2
    • 2017.06.13Installation and operation of L-unit 3
    • 2017.08.25Installation and operation of YC-unit 3
    • 2019.02.01Installation and operation of YLVS foam laminating line
    • 2019.04.03Completed the construction of Godeok logistics center
    • 2019.09.20Operation of YL-unit 1 and 2
    • 2020.06.22Installation and operation of YC-unit 5
  • 2021

    • 2021.01.20Completed the construction of Yedang factory 3 and the R&D center
    • 2021.04.29Installation and operation of YGAG T-Die, YC-unit 6



Within SHINHO organic organization, professional teams adhere to
SHINHO principles of action to together build Global No.1 SHINHO

  • Global & Domestic Sales

    As a SHINHO planning and sales promotion work of new products, raises leading leadership and brand value in the global marketplace.

  • Design & R&D

    Carries out product performance and aesthetics according to customers’ needs.

  • Mangement & Planning

    Supports management's future-oriented decision making.

  • Production & Support

    From product manufacture to quality, carries out works to improve product quality.


3 CORE VALUES and 9 SHINHO WAYS are firm beliefs
established with clear principles to realize SHINHO’s mission and vision





  • Customer-oriented

    All tasks begin with a clear understanding of the final purpose, 'Why do it?' and 'Where to use it?' and the establishment of that purpose puts the customer's perspective first. We understand the needs of our customers accurately, and respond quickly and sincerely and sincere manner. We earn trust by giving customers more satisfaction than expected.

  • Quality Standard

    This clearly defines the meaning and core quality of the work. We conduct every little thing with all our best. We act one more step than our goal with our own uncompromising work quality level. We never pass even a minor defect onto the next level.

  • Obtaining Trust

    We always respect, care, and have open communication with each other. We give alternatives over criticism, encouragement over rebuke, and discussion above command. We trust the people around us, and we gain trust. We create "alternative relationships" with our internal and external customers


  • Bold Mission

    We present a bold mission of producing great results, and lead our colleagues in that direction. We aim to redefine existing industry rules and create new markets for our customers.

  • Innovation

    We always look for ideas from within and outside. We shift our ideas away from practice/fixed ideas, look for opportunities in difficulties, and encourage the organization to experiment. We jump into innovation without fear and achieve it to the end.

  • Craftsmanship

    We think there is no end to learning, as we always find ways to develop ourselves, and try to be the best craftsmen in our field. Through this, we not only seek to develop 'my' own but also the development of the organization. We nurture future leaders to replace 'I' and do our best as coaches


  • Ownership Mindset

    We are leaders. We never say, "It's not my job," but think of responsibility rather than authority, and act as leaders of the organization up the ladder. We don't spend money on things that don't matter to our customers, and we do more with limited resources. We do not sacrifice long-term "value" for short-term performance.

  • Importance of Site

    The answer is not on the desk but on the site. We take the lead in the details of front-line work and respect the field staff as the main characters. We dig deep in the field and seize opportunities to solve problems

  • Importance of Action

    Quickness/precision/Confirmation is life. He who is absorbed in his thoughts makes the right decision, and focuses on the action right away. Most decisions and actions are reversible, so they are moved into action first. We do not miss the first opportunities. We value calculated risk reduction, practicing from 'I', 'Our team', and from 'Now'


  • 2022

    11.01 Awarded the Exemplary Taxpayer (Yesan-gun)

  • 2016

    03.02 Awarded the Exemplary Taxpayer (Yesan-gun)

  • 2014

    12.05Awarded 50 million dollar Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)

  • 2013

    09.10Awarded Export Destination (Chungcheongnam-do)

  • 2012

    12.05Awarded 30 million dollar Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)

  • 2011

    11.30Awarded 20 million dollar Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)

  • 2010

    11.30Awarded 10 million dollar Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)

    11.30Received commendation of Export merit (Minister of Knowledge Economy)

  • 2006

    11.30Received commendation of Export merit (Prime Minister, Minister of Commerce)

    11.30Awarded five million Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)

  • 2005

    11.30Awarded three million Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)

  • 2004

    11.26Received commendation of Export merit (Minister of commerce)

    11.26Awarded 50 million dollar Export Tower (Korea Trade Association)


  • 2022

    03.02Registered the brand(ECOTECO Class 17 registration no. 40-1839266)

  • 2021

    07.13Registered the brand(HAPPY 700 Class 19 registration no. 40-1751687)

  • 2020

    11.02Registered the brand(LVS Class 19 registration no. 40-1657706)

  • 2019

    08.21Roll Sheet KS Certification

  • 2018

    11.17Acquired KS I ISO 14001:2015/ISO 14001: 2015 (Korea Standards Association)

  • 2016

    10.07Designated as a Chungnam-type Strong Small Business (Chungcheongnam-do)

  • 2016

    05.12Registered the brand(ECOTEC Class 19 registration no. 40-1178172)

  • 2011

    07.07Selected as INNO-BIZ company (Daejeon Chungnam Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • 2008

    07.23Acquired KS Q ISO 9001 : 2009 : 2008 (Korea Standards Association)

  • 2007

    08.30Designated as Small and Medium-sized enterprise for innovation.(INNI-BIZ) (Director of the Chungnam Provibcial Small and Medium Business Administration, Daejeon)

    07.02Designated as a Promising Medium and small business (Chungcheongnamdo)

  • 2006

    01.31Selected as a Family Company (Middle and small Business Bank)

  • 2004

    06.28Designated as a superior technology company (Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)

  • 2003

    07.15Designated as Small and Medium-sized promising export Enterprises (Chungnam Small and Medium Enterprise Export Support Center)

    04.16Selected as a business enterprise for Small and Medium export corporation (Chungcheongnamdo)

    04.03Registered as q venture company (Korea Venture Capital Association)

  • 2002

    12.12Registered as a Foreign Investment Enterprise (Korea – Japan Joint Venture)

    11.06Registration of Trademark (ORCHID Floor TILE No.19 Registration No/ 0534449)

    02.20Registration of Trademark (ORCHIDTILE, Orchid tile 19th class, Registration No. 0512863)

  • 2001

    12.29Registration of Trademark (GRADATIONWOOD, Graded wood, No.19 Registration No. 0509536)

    11.27Registration of Trademark (ECOTECTURE, Ecotech, No 19 Registration, No. 0507447)

    09.26Registration of design (Registration of 4 basic design for Orchid Tile. No. 0284245)

    03.02Registered Trade Business (No. 11878450, Korea International Trade Association)